Safari tours Wonders of Kenya and Tanzania

Safari tours Wonders of Kenya and Tanzania
Safari tours Wonders of Kenya and Tanzania
Safari tours Wonders of Kenya and Tanzania

Eight days of campaign crossing Kenya and Tanzania through unparalleled scenes. Offering 3 days committed to the interesting Maasai Mara and 3 days concentrated on the incredible Serengeti, this visit has the ideal completion in the dreamlike Ngorongoro. 

Day 1 




Maasai Mara National Park 

There is a lot of settlement that serves this park. 

Our suggestions are: 

Wajee Mara Camp 

Osero Enarau Lodge 

Ilkeliani Camp 

Entim Camp 

An early morning drive to Maasai Mara National Reserve. It hangs on as one of only a handful couple of spots left on earth where natural life still lives similarly undisturbed, in the numbers that once wandered the fields and woods of Africa. As the northern tip of the huge Serengeti biological system, the Mara has the dynamite occasional relocation of a large number of Wildebeest, Zebras and specialist predators. Touch base in time for lunch pursued by an evening game drive. Supper and medium-term at rose camp or cabin. 

Day 2 AND 3 


Additional visit suggested: The superb inflatable trip over the Maasai Mara fields. 
Two entire days in the Maasai Mara with adaptable timetable and boundless mileage. After breakfast, we have an entire day lady drive with stuffed lunch gave. The save is notable for its dark kept an eye on lion just as its inexhaustible occupant untamed life and its one of only a handful couple of spots where it's conceivable to see the enormous five amid a morning's down drive. A significant number of the cheetahs are so agreeable they look for haven from the hot sun under one's vehicle and a few even trip onto the rooftop to improve perspective on planned prey. For the fowl devotee, right around 500 species have been recorded: among these 16 types of falcon, in addition to numerous falcons and hawks, 6 types of vultures, 8 types of storks, 4 of bustard (counting the Kori bustard, the world's heaviest flying winged animal), and 9 types of sunbirds. Supper and medium-term at rose camp or cabin. 

Day 4 



Maasai Mara NP 

Serengeti NP 

There is a lot of settlement that serves this park. 

Our suggestions are: 

Angata Tented Camp 

Sopa Lodge, Ndutu Lodge or Lobo Wildlife Lodge 

Chaka Camps 

Four Seasons Lodge or Alex Walker Camps 

We will start the day with an early morning game drive in Maasai Mara while driving out of the National Reserve. After outskirt customs, drive to the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. It will be a difficult day of driving however the game drives all through the parks can be shockingly mind blowing. Be that as it may, we generally prescribe flying from one park to the next with the goal that you can have more opportunity to go on Safari. On the other hand, you can add an additional day to visit Lake Victoria, somewhere between the two parks. Supper and medium-term at rose camp or hotel. 

Day 5 and 6 


Possiblity for an inflatable trip in this National Park. 

Two entire days in the Serengeti with an adaptable calendar and boundless mileage. As you peak the slope, spread out before you, to the extent the eyes can see, is the tremendous Serengeti. Serengeti signifies 'unlimited fields' in Kiswahili and this 6,900 sq. mile (18,000 sq. km) park is possessed by in excess of 2 million huge creatures including in excess of a million wildebeest, a huge number of fields zebras, and Thomson's gazelles. Huge predators including lions, cheetahs, and hyenas are attracted to the territory by this bounty of prey which relocates all through the recreation center. Numerous littler creatures like shake hyrax, bat eared foxes, mongoose, nectar badger, jackals, monkeys, primates and African rabbits likewise occupy the territory alongside about 500 types of winged creatures. In transit into the Serengeti, alternative to stop at the well known Olduvai Gorge, where Dr Louis and Mary Leakey made their revelation of the main man that strolled the earth. Subsequent to going to a short address depicting the archeological burrows and geography of the canyon, you'll have sufficient energy to visit the little exhibition hall. Evening game drive in transit to the campsite.Dinner and medium-term at an open campground or private rose camp or cabin. 

Day 7 



Serengeti NP 


Additional visit recommended:walking safari in Ngorongoro good countries. 

There is a lot of convenience that serves this region. 

Our proposals are: 

Rhino Lodge 

Sopa Lodge 

Pakulala Camp 

The Highlands 

Today you will get up in all respects right on time to complete an early morning safari before breakfast, to recognize the creatures when they are progressively dynamic and furthermore to have a phenomenal dawn before you. The dawn in the African Savannah is a standout amongst the most lovely encounters one can have. After the game drive, come back to the camp for informal breakfast. Toward the evening, exchange to Ngorongoro, the eighth characteristic miracle of the world. With dividers 2,000 ft high and a cavity floor that spreads for 102 sq. miles, the cavity is a virtual Noahs Ark, possessed by pretty much every types of untamed life indigenous to East Africa including the uncommon dark rhino. Truth be told, the
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